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Expleo was born in 2017, when the outsourced R&D division of Assystem became the independent company Assystem Technologies. In 2018, Assystem Technologies acquired SQS (Software Quality Systems AG) to form a single organisation, later joined by management consultants Moorhouse and then Stirling Dynamics, a marine and aerospace specialist.

Expleo is now the unique provider of end-to-end, integrated engineering, quality services & management consulting for digital transformation. In today’s climate of unrelenting change, we bring you the right mix of expertise, and the right balance of boldness and reliability, to meet your business needs.

Navigating disruption

We are in the grip of a technological revolution that will permanently change the way we go about our daily lives. Common perceptions of what’s normal in mobility, consumption, production and communication are shifting from one month to the next.

This unrelenting climate brings turbulence, but also great opportunities for the most agile and innovative. Our job at Expleo is to support the biggest industrial and financial services players to design the products and services that will make the world of tomorrow. We are recognised by our clients for our ability to deliver complex projects of international stature, finding the right balance of boldness and reliability.

Our Mission

As technology disrupts all established norms – bringing complexity and uncertainty, alongside new opportunities to improve the world – our mission is to help businesses harness technological change to successfully deliver innovation.  We help our clients gain a competitive advantage and improve the lives of people around the globe.  

Human intelligence 
at the forefront of technology

At Expleo, we’re extremely proud to include the boldest minds within our teams. Their immense technical expertise brings the boldness and reliability our clients need to stay successful in today’s disrupted marketplace.

We may operate at the cutting edge of technology and software, but we are a human company at heart. We place huge value on the exceptional talent, attention to detail and problem-solving ability of our own people.

Your partner for change

Technology is changing the world in an unprecedented way, at an unprecedented rate. Navigating this era of disruption is one of the biggest challenges our clients face, and their operating models need to adapt.

With experts locally and globally, we work closely with you to match your individual business needs with the optimal mix of delivery options, ensuring the right delivery to complete projects on time, successfully and with the most return on your investment.

Best-shoring is a matter of equilibrium, weighing up flexibility, expertise and capacity as well as costs for large-scale projects. It’s not easy to find that balance, which is why we believe you need a wide combination of international expertise before you start transforming integral parts of your business.

We’re as global and local as you need us to be

A sustainable growth project supporting technological and human progress

Society is experiencing a technological revolution that transforms our lifestyles with regards to mobility, consumption, production and communication. Working hand in hand with our clients, we are helping to design and create the products and services that will shape the world of the future.


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